Right foot step to the right, six inches apart.

Next is Utkatasana, Awkward pose… Strengthens: Triceps 
Abdominal muscles Quadriceps 
Most major muscle groups! Stretches: Feet Ankles 

Shins Stimulates: 
Spleen Intestines 
Pancreas The three parts of awkward pose require (and build) massive strength. “All muscles nice and tight, like rocks,” says senior teacher Chris Fluck. Awkward pose also requires careful attention to … Continue reading

Present tense?

So…the holidays are just around the corner. Don’t worry! Your yoga is always here for you. Between Thanksgiving and December 31st, aim to practice at least 20 times. Summer is the best season for improving your physical practice. In the winter, your practice keeps you emotionally and mentally resilient. If you haven’t already, maybe start … Continue reading

Stretch and stretch and stretch and stretch!

How does stretching keep you healthy? Why is it so important to practice (nearly) every day? And what is fascia anyway? Here’s a classic video by Gil Hedley that tells you everything you need to know about staying nice and loose, comfortable, easy, flexible…