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To party or not?

We are pretty sure you have an opinion on drinking during practice. We wanna know what you think, what you do now–and what you aspire to do. Take our poll and tell us. Party. Time. Have a little sip of water. If you want… Continue Reading “To party or not?”

Party time!

Have a little sip of water. If you want it. (You don’t need it.) “If you don’t want it, skip it,” Chris Fluck No talking. No wiping. Best. Party. Ever.

Discipline: it’s your best friend.

Just for kicks, here is an interview with world-renowned teacher Mary Jarvis. On one of her favorite subjects: Discipline.  Mary will be in Pittsburgh for the Asana Competition in January 2012. A road trip might be in order… When I first started practicing, there… Continue Reading “Discipline: it’s your best friend.”