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Foundation first!

Those wonderful glorious feet, unfortunately kept in containers (shoes) most of the day. Poor things have quite a responsibility in both our everyday walking/living life and particularly in our yoga practice. The foot foundation is useful in both. The feet are one of the… Continue Reading “Foundation first!”

To party or not?

We are pretty sure you have an opinion on drinking during practice. We wanna know what you think, what you do now–and what you aspire to do. Take our poll and tell us. Party. Time. Have a little sip of water. If you want… Continue Reading “To party or not?”

Bikram Yoga is the pure, original hot yoga!

It’s always hot! Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga that’s been featured in the press and on television, famous for its miraculous healing ability. It is a very specific 90 minute series of 26 yoga postures and breathing exercises taught in 105′ heat. Each pose is a… Continue Reading “Bikram Yoga is the pure, original hot yoga!”

Nothing loose and nothing hanging

How did you find Bikram yoga? What made you decide to give it a try? No matter why you came to your first class, you probably come back (at least in part) because Bikram yoga helps you to achieve–and maintain–a healthy weight. A regular… Continue Reading “Nothing loose and nothing hanging”

Bizzaro Bikram

Today, I did something bad. Something very, very bad. (Sort of…don’t get too worried. It was only yoga.) I went to a bootleg Bikram class. There aren’t a lot of certified Bikram teachers here in South Africa. There’s only one official Bikram class each… Continue Reading “Bizzaro Bikram”