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Tree Pose

Tree Pose (Tadasana) The best thing you can do to prevent injury is to balance on one leg. Tree Pose builds awareness, control and stability. It’s also a foreshadowing of postures yet to come, such as Padmasana (lotus pose). Strengthens: Abdominal muscles Gluteal muscles… Continue Reading “Tree Pose”

What makes one posture more difficult than another?

It’s easiest for us to become aware of–and to control–the movement and positioning of our hands and feet. Generally speaking, awareness of the body and the ability to control the muscles diminishes as you move towards the center of your body. That means we… Continue Reading “What makes one posture more difficult than another?”

Slowly, gently…

Next is Tree Pose, Tadasana Please be careful with your knees! Strengthens: Abdomen Gluteal muscles Stretches: Knee and hip joints Lower back and spine Groin and inner thighs Benefits: Builds balance. Corrects bad posture. Relieves lower back pain. Good for circulatory problems, arthritis and… Continue Reading “Slowly, gently…”

Exactly forehead, exactly knee

Next is Separate Leg Head to Knee posture. This posture may not be particularly glamorous (sweat dripping in your eyes and your nose) but it is a powerhouse. Don’t cheat yourself. Get your exactly forehead to touch your exactly knee. Strengthens: Abdomen Thighs Calves… Continue Reading “Exactly forehead, exactly knee”

80/20 Breathing? What’s that?

“You can learn to observe healthier breathing patterns while you are doing yoga postures; then you can carry the refined habits over into your daily life.” -Anatomy of Hatha Yoga For Half Moon and many of the back-bending postures, we use 80/20 breathing. Inhale… Continue Reading “80/20 Breathing? What’s that?”