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    Serving Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware. Including the Brandywine River Valley, Chester County, the Philadelphia Mainline and Wilmington.

    Discover the beauty, grace and healing of yoga, pilates and barre.

    Students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are welcome here.

    We employ only the most experienced and credentialed instructors. Read more about them on our 'Teachers' page.

    BYCF is open every day of the year, and we offer 35 classes per week.

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Introductory Ashtanga Course

This course will introduce you to the mysore-style class, the traditional, individualized method that characterizes Ashtanga yoga. This is a month-long, 4-days-a-week intro to Ashtanga that will give you a serious, fun and safe environment to make a significant start in Ashtanga yoga. By learning one posture at a time, you’ll memorize the sequence of … Continue reading


Hot HIIT with Sheridan, Friday 2/10 at 5:30am

It takes a lot to get up and get out at O’Dark Thirty! Sheridan’s worth it. Sheridan McHenry: boxer, dancer,  experienced teacher and dedicated yogi. She’s a quadruple threat. Join her this Friday for a 60-minute fast-paced, fun high-intensity workout. You won’t know what hit you 😉  


Yoga: creating clarity, relieving suffering

It’s an important day, here in the United States. A new and controversial president is being inaugurated and emotions are running high. For many, this is a time of great concern, fear and worry. As BYCF teacher Justin Riley says, ‘Times of transition threaten our foundation.’ (Justin was speaking specifically about the physical transitions in … Continue reading


Save the date! Feb 11th is our birthday!

Five years ago, none of this was here. There were no walls. No bathrooms. No heat. No sign. No classes. No teachers. No students. No community. What we DID have was a spark, an idea, a vision, a seed to plant and care for. LOOK what has taken root! We have grown to be a … Continue reading


Justin Riley comes to BYCF

Join us in welcoming Justin Riley to Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford. A certified Bikram yoga teacher since 2013, Justin focuses on the fundamentals that underpin a powerful Bikram practice. A bass player for nearly 30 years, Riley understands the delicate balance between personal expression and devotion to technique. Justin maintains a high level of personal … Continue reading