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Psoas: your deepest muscles

At BYCF’s most recent posture clinic, Dean Hutcherson took students through a series of energetic, stretching and self massage exercises designed to help us identify and heal the deepest muscles of our bodies, the psoas. The psoas is a stabilizing muscle, located deep in… Continue Reading “Psoas: your deepest muscles”

The postures are patterns that heal

Our bodies are made up of intricate organic lines, circles and spirals. Our bones, joints,  organs and systems are tremendously precious gifts. The practice (and each of the postures within it) teaches us to notice these shapes, to re-arrange them carefully and study our… Continue Reading “The postures are patterns that heal”

Discipline: it does you good

Neuroscience is beginning to prove what our elders have long told us: discipline does you good. By intentionally creating and repeating new habits, we can change our brains. We build new neuro pathways that alter…in some cases very dramatically…our perceptions and our lives. ‘Actions… Continue Reading “Discipline: it does you good”

Intense exercise, sweat, and meditation: the cure for modern-day anxiety and pain

Every wonder why you feel SO much better after Bikram? The practice feels so powerful…and mysterious…that senior teacher Chris Fluck describes it as ‘alchemy’. Here, a pain specialist, Dr Giresh Kanji, carefully explains the causes of–and cures for–modern-day anxiety and pain. He describes Bikram… Continue Reading “Intense exercise, sweat, and meditation: the cure for modern-day anxiety and pain”

Move your body. Change your life.

Ann Cuddy explains why it’s important to ‘break out of the box’, lift your arms over your head, and open up the front side of your body. So stop texting and start stretching.