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Ammie Morales comes to BYCF

We are delighted to welcome Ammie to BYCF. Join her for hot vinyasa: Wednesdays @ noon Saturdays @ 11:30am Ammie will also offer private sessions of MBYTP (Meridian Bodywork Yoga Therapy Protocol) on these days. For over 20 years, Ammie has trained and studied… Continue Reading “Ammie Morales comes to BYCF”

Got the moves like Jackson? Halloween Thriller Dance class!

When was the last time you tried something new? Just because it seemed fun? Have you always wanted to learn the moves to the Thriller Zombie dance? Here’s your chance!   Thurs, Oct 25th 6:30pm Taught by BYCF teacher and choreographer Nashira Council Suitable… Continue Reading “Got the moves like Jackson? Halloween Thriller Dance class!”

Supported Start: Feel better fast

Spring is the best season for new projects, fresh starts and personal transformative growth. New beginnings and big changes merit and require extra attention and care. Surrounding yourself with a healing-focused community can be a HUGE comfort. Why not try Supported Start ? 60-… Continue Reading “Supported Start: Feel better fast”

Spring Clean Feast starts May 15th. Enroll now!

This is an opportunity: to acknowledge the change of season in body, mind and spirit to engage in mindfulness practices to eat clean, healthy and simple meals to learn daily self-care to meditate each evening with a skilled facilitator This is not: dieting taking… Continue Reading “Spring Clean Feast starts May 15th. Enroll now!”

About the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (the Tibetan Rites)

‘All wisdom is ancient, and in reality is not a secret. When you think you have discovered something new and previously unknown, it has probably existed for centuries. You didn’t know about it, simply because you didn’t make the effort to seek it out.… Continue Reading “About the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (the Tibetan Rites)”