Spring Clean Feast starts May 15th. Enroll now!

This is an opportunity: to acknowledge the change of season in body, mind and spirit to engage in mindfulness practices to eat clean, healthy and simple meals to learn daily self-care to meditate each evening with a skilled facilitator This is not: dieting taking scary supplements running to the bathroom all day about losing or … Continue reading

About the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (the Tibetan Rites)

‘All wisdom is ancient, and in reality is not a secret. When you think you have discovered something new and previously unknown, it has probably existed for centuries. You didn’t know about it, simply because you didn’t make the effort to seek it out. And after all, why should you? Why look to the wisdom … Continue reading

Enrollment Open: April Ashtanga Course

This course will introduce you to the mysore-style class, the traditional, individualized method that characterizes Ashtanga yoga. This is a month-long, 4-days-a-week intro to Ashtanga that will give you a serious, fun and safe environment to make a significant start in Ashtanga yoga. By learning one posture at a time, you’ll memorize the sequence of … Continue reading

Advanced class w Adam this Sunday

Join Adam Keilbaugh for Bikram’s Beginning Yoga class this Sunday at 9:30am… Or take a deeper dive into the 90 postures of the Bikram Advanced Series at 11:30am. Regular students are welcome. A playful, positive attitude is the most important prerequisite! Credentials: Bikram’s Yoga College of India Teacher Training; Regional and National Asana Competitor. Adam has … Continue reading

Week of August 10th: Yoga LAB schedule

Yoga Lab is about curiosity. Where movement illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy and human experience. This is a supplemental series to support your regular (and deeply committed!) Bikram practice. In store for the week of August 3rd: 11:30 am every day EXCEPT FRIDAY Monday 8/10: Ghosh Power Hour: an energetic stationary practice with 35 … Continue reading