Spring Clean Feast starts May 15th. Enroll now!

This is an opportunity:

  1. to acknowledge the change of season in body, mind and spirit
  2. to engage in mindfulness practices
  3. to eat clean, healthy and simple meals
  4. to learn daily self-care
  5. to meditate each evening with a skilled facilitator

This is not:

  1. dieting
  2. taking scary supplements
  3. running to the bathroom all day
  4. about losing or gaining weight
  5. all about food
  6. eating foreign or complicated meals


  • Four full days of 100% plant-based meals
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks,
  • plus fresh fruit and vegetable juices, protein-rich smoothies and energizing juice shots
  • a daily guided practice to facilitate the body’s natural transition and healing instincts
  • informational conference calls
  • access to experts: Colleen Gerg, MA RDN; Carolyn Jensen, CHC; Sarah Murphy, MS CH
  • guided group meditation practice
  • collective energy for success

Register now!


  • ease digestion
  • decrease seasonal brain fog and headaches
  • reduce bloating
  • increase energy
  • improve concentration and mood
  • reduce sensitivity to allergens
  • improve immunity
  • slow and prevent premature aging and disease

The entire five-day program is just $440. Sign up and we’ll get you started with some suggestions for preparation.

ABOVE ALL, TRY SOMETHING. -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Appropriate for adults over the age of 18.
Contraindicated for pregnant or lactating women.
May be contraindicated for certain health conditions.
Not meant or intended to cure specific chronic diseases.

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