Who’s YOUR hero?

This morning we talked about some of the heroes of Physical Culture…the folks who inspire us to push past our perceived limits and KEEP GOING.

Here are a few of the names that were mentioned. We would love to hear about your heroes!

From the yoga lineage, here’s vintage footage of Krishnamacharya at age 50. He lived and practiced well into his 90s.

Emmy Cleaves, our most senior Bikram teacher, is also remarkable. Read more about her here.



Then there’s Jack LaLanne, who gets bonus points for honoring his mother!

and the Mighty Atom, who was telling people not to squander their lives and ‘go kaput’ as early as the 1930s. (The dentists among you might cringe, though. He bites a nail in half in this video!)


Who inspires you? Tell us! And then come to class!! We’re open every day.

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