Supported Start: Feel better fast

Megan van Riet, photo by Kenneth Zane

Spring is the best season for new projects, fresh starts and personal transformative growth.

New beginnings and big changes merit and require extra attention and care. Surrounding yourself with a healing-focused community can be a HUGE comfort.

Why not try Supported Start ?

  • 60- minute private intake less0n with BYCF founder Megan van Riet
  • Weekly individual progress review
  • One month unlimited yoga membership (your choice–Ashtanga or Bikram)
  • Only $100

With more than 40 classes each week, BYCF is open every day of the year.

A typical class, photo by Chris Robin

We employ a team of 17 teachers, all with formal authorization/certification; all with strong, consistent practice; all with deep teaching experience.

Join us. Open to all ages, abilities and experience levels. You’ll never meet a nicer group of people, guaranteed!

This program is designed for students who are new to BYCF; if you have an established practice at BYCF and want extra support, please contact Megan directly at (610) 952 – 7609 for other solutions.

Try it. Register  here for Supported Start (Bikram) and here for Supported Start (Ashtanga).

(It’s also fine if you’re not sure which style you would prefer; you can decide at your intake session. Please provide your email and phone number, so we can schedule your intake.)

You have nothing to lose…

…except the physical, emotional, intellectual–maybe even spiritual–residue of the cold, dark winter that is (almost) behind us!

A safe, friendly and wholesome place to make a good start!


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