Right foot step to the right, six inches apart.

Six inches apart, like a perfect H....

Next is Utkatasana, Awkward pose…


  • Triceps
Abdominal muscles
  • Quadriceps
Most major muscle groups!


  • Feet
  • Ankles



  • Intestines

The three parts of awkward pose require (and build) massive strength. “All muscles nice and tight, like rocks,” says senior teacher Chris Fluck. Awkward pose also requires careful attention to alignment.

The payoffs for your hard work are huge. Awkward pose will pay dividends when you are 95 years old.  You’ll be able to stand up easily out of your chair. You’ll be nice and stable, so you don’t fall and break a hip. What’s more, awkward pose gives you beautiful legs and a perfect “yoga butt”. We don’t care if you practice for health and vitality–or vanity. Just practice!

Awkward pose rebuilds the legs to prevent lower-back pain.
 (Awkward pose is a great for toning the buttocks, too; it gets rid of fat deposits there.) The muscles of the upper body are profoundly strengthened by back-bending. The posture tones the arms, getting rid fat deposits on the upper arms. Regular practice will properly align the meniscus in the knee.
 Practitioners with flat feet, bunions or bowed legs should pay careful attention to this posture; Awkard pose resolves all of these issues.

 In addition, Utkatasana relieves menstrual cramps and sciatica. 
It’s good for arthritis in knees and hips. And it 
relieves joint pain.
 Ever heard a teacher call Awkward pose “Anger pose”? The posture helps to release anger and frustration.

To get these benefits, you have to try the right way. This strength posture depends on the precise alignment of the toes, heels, knees, and hands.

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