Come up higher on your toes!

Don't even blink your might lose the balance...

The second part of Awkward pose (Utkatasana) requires careful balance, so concentration, relaxation and breathing are all crucial. Stand up onto your toes, maximum like a ballerina en pointe. Stretch your whole upper body up towards the ceiling, and sit down on top of your tippy toes.

When you think you might fall, lift your lower abdomen in and up, press into the big and second toes to lift the heels higher… then engage your abs again to lift up and out of the hips.

Try not to lean forward and stick the bottom back, we want a straight spine with knees, feet and hands six inches apart.

Benefits are described more completely in the post describing part one of Awkward.

Thanks to Bikram Yoga Lower East Side for input on this content…

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