Half inch gap…


The third part of Awkward pose (Utkatasana) is about balance and strength. Come up on the toes just a little, then bring the knees and inner thighs together.

Then bend the knees to lower down to a slooooow count of ten, coming down so low that the hips hover just above the heels. Make sure to maintain a half-inch gap, never sitting on the heels or the calves. (Careful alignment protects the knee joints and strengthens the quadriceps.) The spine stays straight by engaging the abs. Keep a strong focus and keep the arms active.


  • thighs
  • calves
  • hips
  • muscles you never knew existed.

Awkward Pose “wakes up the legs” and increases blood circulation to the knee and ankle joints, helping to relieve rheumatism, arthritis and gout. The posture strengthens the pelvis and lower back area and helps with slipped discs and lumbago in the lower spine. It improves core strength, balance, and focus.

Bikram calls Awkward “the most important pose for your life.” The feet and legs form the foundation for the entire body. Strong legs equal a strong You.

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