Meet Corrinne, your Sunday morning teacher…

In her previous life, Corrinne Tendo was a pharmaceutical sales rep. “I went from selling drugs to trying to keep people happy.”

One of Corrinne’s co-workers brought her to her first Bikram class, and Corrinne immediately fell in love. She loved the challenges of the practice, both physical and mental. Never a gym person, Corrinne needed a ritual to keep her calm. She worked in a high pressure environment and was always on the go. “Savasana used to be my hardest posture. I could NOT be still. I was always fidgety.” Yoga resolved many of the stress-related aches and pains that Corrinne had experienced.

These days, Corrinne is grateful that the practice has taught her to breathe, to use her breath to keep body relaxed. She’s mom to three boys, ages six, seven and nine. “I have learned to disregard all the noise, unless somebody’s seriously hurt and crying,” she laughs.

Tendo also loves the heat. “If you know me, you know that I do NOT like the cold weather.” Corrinne grew up in Trinidad and Tobago and came to the states for college. “I was supposed to go back home and ended up with a husband instead,” she says.

Camel is her favorite posture and Triangle is her most difficult. “I would rather do 15 Camels than one Triangle.”

Meet Corrinne at BYCF on Sunday mornings. We promise she won’t make you do 15 Camel postures…

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