Thirty Day Challenge: Register NOW!

269006_464612520228325_2064432075_nMake a new start this summer! Register for BYCF’s 30-day Challenge and complete 30 classes in 30 days. Starts this Friday, August 5th!

Change your body, your mind, your life. Yoga makes you YOU–the highest, best, most noble version of YOU.

New students, register here. If you’re a regular student, sign up at the studio!

‘No external conflict is as consequential or as dramatic as the inner campaign against our own deficiencies. This struggle gives meaning and shape to life. It is possible to fight this battle well or badly, humorlessly or with cheerful spirit. Choose which parts of yourself to develop and what parts not to develop.

The most important thing is whether you are willing to engage in this struggle.’–David Brooks, The Road To Character

Join us. Excellent people practice.

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