sky2Imagery can bring energy and ease to your practice.

Your body is composed of territories, landscapes and shapes that are as beautiful and inspiring as those found in nature.

Next time you practice…and your mind starts to drift…remember these images. Pick one. And fix your attention on it. Imagery works.

Still the turnings of your mind, to mimic the smooth stillness of a calm ocean or a clear sky.

Notice that the asanas shape and re-shape your spine, the central axis of your body. Picture your spine as a pillar of light, as thin and delicate as a spider’s thread.

Photo-3-Bur-Oak-AcornsJust as an acorn contains the mighty oak tree, realize that your body already contains the ideal form of each and every posture.

The mouth, the ribcage, and the pelvis can take on the qualities of quiet sacred caves.

‘The physical and mental efforts that are required to stop your mind’s activity are what lead you inward across the inner thresholds to reach the silent place of refuge within.’ -D. Garrigues

Ironically, it is by turning inwards (and noticing this imagery) that we find connection.

Connection to the structures and patterns of nature. Connection to our deepest Selves. Connection to each other.

‘In the cathedral of the wild, we get to see the most beautiful parts of ourselves reflected back at us.’ -B. Vanty

“We realize, from the inside, that our own well-being is deeply tied to the well being of others. Our danger is shared. Our pain is shared. Our Joy is shared. Our achievement is shared.’ -B. Vanty

Want more inspiration? Boyd Vanty describes his experience of interrelatedness in this Ted Talk.

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