Stretching = Relief

photoIn class this morning, I mentioned that we were adding a page of students’ stories to our website. And then I kind of forgot about it. Immediately after class, Diane Juul marched over to the desk and said ‘I have a story!’

We sat down at the table, and here’s what she shared.

Diane is a breast-cancer survivor. She has had chronic pain in her chest and shoulder since her surgery more than two years ago. Diane’s doctor thought it was scar-tissue related. Within two weeks of starting Bikram yoga, that pain was gone. Diane maintains a consistent practice…and continues to be pain free.

Yoga has improved Diane’s quality of life in other ways, too. She feels more even-keeled and able to handle work-related stress. Diane and her husband own a software-integration business. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration is her husband’s passion. And Diane fully supports him in that.

‘You know what it’s like, though. There’s always something unexpected happening. It’s very up and down.’

Yoga helps Diane to be resilient and stress-proof. So, when Diane comes to yoga, her husband benefits.

The practice has helped resolve Juul’s chronic digestive issues, too.  Vacationing and traveling used to be difficult, as it caused digestive distress. This past summer, Diane went to Denmark for ten days and felt great.

Juul loves Standing Head To Knee posture. She really, really wants to get her forehead on her knee! She also loves Separate Leg Forehead To Knee, but finds it difficult to contract her abdominal muscles. What’s her least favorite posture? She doesn’t have one. (THAT surprised me!)

‘I guess the Half Moon series is my least favorite…but I think that’s just because it’s in the beginning. Once we get past that, I feel good.’

She’s thinking about bringing her kids to yoga soon, too. Particularly her daughter, who is an athlete.

Diane had kind things to say about BYCF in particular.  ‘I haven’t been to other studios, but I’ve heard that they aren’t always clean…or well maintained. It’s so beautiful here. And you guys are always so friendly.’

Thanks so much Diane! For your kind words…for sharing your story…for being part of our yoga family…and for rocking the front row at the 9:30 class.

Next time you see Diane at the studio, say ‘Hi!’.

She’s super cool.

And she’s a survivor.

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