Last chance, lock your knees!

No heels in the hot room...

Next is Padahastasana, Hands-to-Feet pose


  • Biceps,
  • Trapezius
  • Quadriceps
  • Calf muscles,
Rectus abdominis.


Sciatic nerve,
Tendons and ligaments of the legs,


Pineal and pituitary glands,
  • Pancreas.

Padahastasana is the first forward bend in the Bikram series. The posture tones and trims all of the most common “trouble spots”: waistline, hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs.
 The posture is particularly effective in resolving abdominal obesity. Padahastasana is also good for sciatic issues, lower back pain and frozen shoulder. 

The posture improves circulation of blood to the brain (good for concentration) and to the legs.

Hands-to-Feet pose involves and works the whole body. It requires–and creates–strength, flexibility and endurance. You pull with your arms to create stretching in the legs, hips and back. Upon completion of this posture, you have stretched your spine in all four directions.

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