Yep, she’s a yogi, too…

It's all yoga...

“Well begun is half done,” –Mary Poppins, via senior teacher Carolyn Jensen

Just started practicing? Struggling to glue your palms together, lock your knee, grab your foot, figure out what-the-@#$! the teacher means?

Don’t worry!

You may already be more advanced than the experienced yogis practicing around you. (Please remember, though, that Bikram yoga is not about comparing, competing or criticizing yourself and/or other practitioners.)

I’m teaching at a new studio in Cape Town, South Africa, this week. Every student is a beginning student–in the sense that each one has been practicing for just a few months. Yet, every single student demonstrates habits that take most practitioners years to cultivate.

How is this possible? They don’t know about party time. They don’t have hand towels. They cannot leave the room–the door is locked from the outside as soon as class begins.

I taught at this studio before I had the opportunity to take a class. After Eagle posture, I said, “It’s party time! Have a sip of water if you need it. If you don’t need it, skip it.” Each student stood perfectly still. Except for the studio owner–and only teacher–Sy. He giggled quietly in the back row.

How would it feel to walk into the hot room without water? Without a hand towel? Knowing that you would be locked in for the next 90 minutes? Does this scenario feel difficult to even contemplate? Impossible?

Students at Jai Yoga in Cape Town don’t know any differently. To them it is not only possible. It’s the only way. The right way.

These are advanced practitioners. They have begun well. As a result, they have traveled far, in a very short time.

Today, when you practice, remember, “Well begun is half done.”

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