Bikram Superpowers, Activate!

Everything Proof

Concentration, Patience, Self-Control, Faith, Determination…

These are Bikram Choudhury’s five qualities of the mind. This week, I need them all. We’re in final negotiations for studio lease.

Concentration: 18 pages of legal language. It’s all important. It’s for you! It’s just a little dry…

Patience: Scheduled to leave the country for two weeks–in just five days. I want everything done yesterday.

Self-Control: So excited, it’s a challenge to keep myself in check. It’s not ok to agree to Whatever Anyone Asks, just because I want the studio to happen so badly.

Faith: That Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford is absolutely the best decision, best place to be. Absolutely meant to be.

Determination: To struggle hard and never give up.

Bikram Superpowers, Activate!

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