Invest in yourself

You: the very best place to invest.

So, the contractor called me yesterday (very normal) to tell me that the studio build-out might end up costing a whoooooooole lot more than we had budgeted (not so normal). I mean tens-of-thousands-of-dollars more.

Those Bikram Superpowers seem to be working, though, because I stayed calm.

Then I quick called Katelynn Inky, Studio Director, Bikram Philly. I knew she would say something deeply profound and reassuring. She did.

“There’s no better place to invest your money than Bikram Yoga.”

That’s true for me–and it’s true for you.

Each time you step into the hot room to practice, you earn 16 gold coins. Every day you stay away, you spend a coin. The more you come, the wealthier you become. You build up tremendous reserves of wisdom, courage, clarity, contentment, vitality, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

So they are there for you when you need them, in your life outside the hot room.

It’s the best–and the safest–investment you’ll ever make.

Come to yoga. Today.

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