Claudia Eisenmann

Our very own archer

“This is a whole different kind of fitness. You can live your life, and do exactly what you need to do. Weight lifting and running are each one-dimensional. Bikram yoga covers everything.” Claudia says she really needs the mental stimulation—something that completely engages her mind and presents a personal challenge. The practice also relieves her work-related stress. “I come in here, and it all just falls away.” All of this is helpful in her bowhunting. Claudia is a seasoned archer.

395370_10150670318364919_1819353355_n-3Ultra-runner and yogi

Gabi Stephens runs up and down volcanos. For fun. The first time Gabi Stephens did Bikram yoga, she got up at 4:30am, ran six miles to the studio, took class, and then ran six miles home again. Gabi is an ultrarunner, and her first Bikram class was part of her training for the Spartan race. Her son Brendan practices, too. So do her dad and her sister.

The Gallaghers

The Gallaghers, feeling good!

Charlotte Gallagher has been thrilled with the changes she has seen accompany her Bikram practice.  Charlotte came to one of our very first classes at BYCF. ‘It blew my mind!’ When she went to the doctor six months later, she had gotten taller. Denny didn’t believe it. Then he went to the doctor himself. Now, he’s a dedicated practitioner.

Heather and Stacey

Stacey: 90 days

Stacey Cutler completed her first 90-day challenge in May 2012. ‘The 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, although the same every class, are yet so different each day. The practice has made me a much calmer person and has made my body as well as my mind much stronger.’

photo-1Surviving and Thriving

Diane Juul has found relief from pain and stress in the hot room. She loves the forward bends, and she really really really wants to get her forehead on her knee. Read Diane’s story. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself, and Diane knows that. She’s a breast cancer survivor. By practicing regularly, Diane is better equipped to weather the ups and downs of her work life…and her family life. Next time, you see her, say hi! She’s super cool.



theresacherylPaddle Partners and Best Friends

Cheryl and Theresa have been friends for 10 years.  They met playing platform tennis, which is not for the weak of spirit. It is played outside, in the winter  on a raised court 1/3 the size of a tennis court.   Cheryl and Theresa both love the challenge of their sport and have found over the years that taking on new challenges together is a great part of their friendship. Bikram yoga is their latest (and maybe greatest?) challenge.

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