Twenty-six postures and two breathing exercises

Bikram’s beginning yoga series comprises 26 postures and two breathing exercises.

The First Ones…

First is Pranayama, good for the lungs and respiratory system.

Next are Half Moon, Backbending, and Hands-to-Feet pose. These moves warm up the spine in all four directions.

Awkward pose (part I) warms up the major muscle groups and realigns the hips and legs. Awkward part II demands concentration and balance, while part III builds and requires strength.

Next is Eagle, the first of the ‘tourniquet’ poses.

These first postures bring you onto your mat–and into your moving meditation. Once they are complete, you have earned yourself a break! Party time!

The Fun Ones…

“Shift your focus, return your gaze,” next is Standing Head to Knee.

Whereas Standing Head to Knee stretches the hamstrings and the back, the next posture–Standing Bow Pulling Pose–combines stretching, bending and twisting.

Balancing Stick keeps your heart rate high.

That’s the last of the heart thumpers for a few moments, at least. Separate Leg Stretching slows your heart rate.

Triangle posture, the high point of the standing series, comes next.

Separate Leg Head to Knee completes the Separate Leg series.

Tree pose and Toe stand build stability and focus.

Please stay tuned for additional posts on the postures in the beginning series…

Many thanks to all of our teachers–and to Bikram Yoga East York and Bikram Yoga Vancouver–for input on content. Most pictures are taken from our Facebook friends.

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