Thai Massage Training May 20th-22nd

This 3 day course provides participants with the knowledge and skill required to provide a 90 minute Thai Massage. Participants will gain insight into the history of the art form, technique, self care, and business practices. Providing participants with a sequence that integrates all the essential techniques that make Thai Massage a unique art form. This adaptable sequence will provide the ability to create specific individual experiences whether you will use these skills to incorporate into yoga teachings, to provide one-on-one treatments and more.

In order to complete the certification, participants must complete a practicum that requires them to provide 5 free massages to people in their community. After each session, participants journal about their experience, challenges, and observations and submit this journal to Francisco for review and guidance. During the practicum, participants have direct contact with Francisco in order to continue to progress from one session to the next.

Once the practicum has concluded, participants receive their certificate and can then move on into their practice as Thai Bodyworkers in their community.

Themes covered during the Thai Massage Certification Course:

  • An overview of the history of Thai massage including a review of ancient documents and drawings by monks who created the system
  • Accessing “sen” or energy lines
  • Massage techniques & assisted stretches
  • Trainees will receive a training manual that contains the sequence and overview of the history and methodology
  • Breath work and meditation for sustainability and endurance while facilitating massage and self care techniques
  • Each attendee will receive Francisco’s 1 hour Thai Massage video

Francisco Morales-Bermudez, is a healing artist who was born on the coast of Peru. The ocean of Peru and its mountains are his biggest inspiration. Francisco has studied under several masters in the healing & martial arts. His work has taken him deep into Peru’s remote communities, North & South America, Asia, Africa, Europe & New Zealand. Francisco has managed non-profit programs introducing low-income youth to wellness & outdoor education programs in Kenya, Perú, & USA. Francisco is the founder of Synergy Yoga & a master of Thai Massage Therapy & movement artist. His studies in the healing arts have enabled him to travel all over the world and share his wisdom.

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