Spring Cleaning: Ninety days to a new life!

Our students KNOW this practice works. They’ve experienced it for themselves.

Ben's going back to school...

Authentic Bikram yoga, taught by CERTIFIED and EXPERIENCED instructors, is absolutely transformational.  But until you’ve actually felt it in your body, it can be hard to believe.

So, we’ve created a challenge to carry you into summer. New students, please join us! For just $2 per day, you receive 90 days of unlimited Bikram yoga, hot pilates and barrework. You’ll never meet a nicer group of people, and you’ll never find a better deal. Guaranteed!


Start your challenge on or before March 15th. New students, please register here.

backpackCurrent students, get ready! The student who completes the most classes between 3/15 and 6/15 will win a Manduka GoFree yoga backpack (Valued at $120)


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