Welcome Jessica Joy Meyers: Sundays at 3:30pm

jessicaseparatelegThe curative benefits of Bikram Yoga marked a turning point for artist and musician Jessica Joy Meyers after a car accident in 2000 left her wheelchair-bound and relearning to walk.

Jessica’s left femur was severed and several other bones of her right leg were smashed seemingly beyond repair. Experts said she might never walk again. Some hoped that she would walk, but thought at best , with a limp or a cane.

‘I was still supposed to be using a cane according to my doctors,’ says Jessica , remembering her first Bikram class. ‘It has been miraculous.’

The healing benefits of Bikram Yoga were immediate, eliminating her limp, and realigning the bones in her right ankle within two years. Less tangible was an overall sense of well-being.

Jessica has taught more than 3000 classes, many of them at Bikram headquarters in LA. She has tremendous gratitude for the rare privilege to have practiced weekly for eight years with Emmy Cleaves.

Recently located from LA, Jessica is happy to be back in Philly. Please join her as we welcome her to the permanent schedule this Sunday at 3:30pm!

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