No hoopla here!

Your choices matter. Sometimes the smallest choices have the biggest impact. Where and how you move your eyes. How you allocate your attention and your time. How often you get behind the wheel of your car. How much money you spend…and what you spend it on.

heartHere at BYCF, we choose NOT to participate in the commercial frenzy around the holiday season. We believe that people take priority over things. Your inner life and your sense of well-being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) are what we value most.

We are also 100% COMPLETELY COMMITTED to supporting you as you build a long-term, consistent and positive yoga practice.

So you’ll notice we didn’t have a big Black Friday sale. We didn’t celebrate Small Business Saturday. We haven’t sent you emails every 20 minutes.


Don’t hold your breath! There won’t be a bevy of holiday discounts, deals and promotions. Our prices are very fair, and we offer you a packed schedule of classes led by the MOST EXPERIENCED and EDUCATED teachers in the area.

We hope you love this community as much as we do, and that you’ll find time to spend with us this season.

There will be some extra yoga apparel for sale soon, if you need stocking stuffers. And, as always, the Challenges make great gifts. These Challenges are specially priced for new students: only $75 for the Thirty Day Challenge and $150 for the Sixty Day Challenge. (We can provide a nice card to accompany the Challenge.)

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for choosing to practice here. Have a very safe season, please. We hope to see you SOON!

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