In April, more classes! Move, learn, GROW

Next month, we’re expanding our evening programming.

barreclassBarrework will be added on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8:15pm.

This fun ballet-based class shares so much with yoga. It’s deeply concerned with teaching the joy of technique, structure, and repetition. A regular barre practice produces profound change. It brings

  • Awareness
  • Confidence
  • Control
  • Rhythm
  • Fluidity
  • Beauty
  • Focus
  • Reverence (for self, community, art, history)
  • Appreciation of the body as a vehicle for discovery, connection

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS welcome! No experience is necessary. Megan will be teaching these evening classes.

10 days after surgery. Time for yoga!
10 days after surgery. Time for yoga!

BikramIntro will come to Tuesdays at 10:30am.

While students of ALL levels are welcome at ALL classes, BikramIntro is tailored to those who prefer a personalized approach. Suitable for students with limitations, as well as those who are recovering from injury or emerging from a sedentary pattern of living.

Join us! You’ll never meet a better group of people!

At BYCF, we use movement as a healing tool. It starts with each of us individually…and creates community across boundaries of all kinds.


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