Walk the path

8447374905_ae22377b30_c‘Saying it and doing it is just a different thing. There’s just as much difference in it as night and day.’ -James Brown


Yoga is:

  1. ACTION: fire and intensity in daily asana practice (physical dimension)
  2. STUDY: thorough and unflinching investigation of oneself, one’s relationships, one’s practice and yoga texts/history/theory (intellectual dimension)
  3. REVERENCE and SURRENDER: unshakeable faith in a benevolent larger pattern, purpose or power (emotional/spiritual dimension)

SUTRA-2-1_760_427auto_intThere exists a rich canon of literature to support daily asana practice, and these particular teachings come from Patanjali’s yoga sutras. (The American Sanskrit Institute publishes a Yoga Sutra Workbook with both the original Sanskrit and word-by-word translation.)

For the devoted practitioner–and the casual practitioner who aspires to devotion–these texts are treasures. To maintain a serious practice over the course of a lifetime is no small task. It is up to each of us to scavenge continuously for sources of inspiration, sustenance and curiosity.

Wanting more info? Read more here. Quickly. Then, shut down your computer, get off your phone and out of your chair.

Practice. Today.

See you soon!




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