Simple, Affordable Pricing: Yoga for Everyone

Effective immediately, we have chosen to simplify and reduce our pricing. All existing class cards will be honored and all existing memberships will be pro-rated to the new rates effective September 1st.

EVERYONE needs yoga.  It’s basic hygiene for your body. Please tell your friends about our new prices.

The new prices are as follows:

Pricing and Membership

Introductory Week:   $20 (eight days unlimited yoga: limited one-time purchase)

Drop-in:                            $20yoga for everybody patch

Ten Class Card:              $150 (expires in one year)

Fifty Class Card:            $650 (NO EXPIRATION, unless there is a major operational change)


Unlimited One Year:     Upfront: $1,200; Monthly auto-debit @ $110/month

Unlimited One Year Household:   Upfront: $2,200; Monthly auto-debit @$195/month

Private Yoga 60 minute Session:   $125

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