Floating, Flying and Falling! Join us for our first Inversions workshop

Join BYCF teacher Elizabeth Sitzler for
Floating, Flying, and Falling:
an exploration of all things scary in your asana practice
Sunday, August 13th
2pm to 4:30pm
Early-bird rate is $40.
Together we will break down some of the most common and confusing transitions, arm balances, and inversions.
Learn to fly with ease and fall with grace. You can register online . Or at the front desk.
All are invited to attend!
“Sapta Jump!” Have these words ever invoked a sense of despair as you go about your yoga practice?
Transitions, inversions, and arm balances are some of the most exciting and mystifying aspects of the Ashtanga Yoga practice.
Join us, for an exploration of all things scary in your daily practice. We will break down some of the most common transitions: jumping back and through, as well as some of the foundational arm balances and inversions, with special emphasis on breath, bandha, and drishti.
The Ashtanga Yoga Primary and Intermediate Series will be our blueprint for this inquiry. We will further investigate how to appropriately work with where we are at and investigate the necessary progressions for each of us individually moving forward. You will also leave with an understanding of how to safely bail if things go south as you learn to take risks.
Come with an open mind and a light heart and be prepared to learn and laugh! This is a safe environment to ask any relevant questions and time will be set aside to address your own specific practice concerns.
This workshop is appropriate for yoga practitioners of all levels and backgrounds; beginners, advanced practitioners, and those unfamiliar with Ashtanga Yoga are invited to attend. 

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