Save the date! Feb 11th is our birthday!

Five years ago, none of this was here.

Reception & Retail

There were no walls.

  • No bathrooms.
  • No heat.
  • No sign.
  • No classes.
  • No teachers.
  • No students.
  • No community.

What we DID have was a spark, an idea, a vision, a seed to plant and care for.

LOOK what has taken root! We have grown to be a vibrant, established community devoted to the study of yoga. BYCF has become a safe and sacred space for students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to train body, mind and senses in the techniques of asana, savasana and pranayama. We enjoy the guidance of the most experienced teachers on the East Coast. Take just a moment to NOTICE what we have achieved together, so far.


Each year, BYCF has grown, in so many ways:

  • student numbers
  • attendance levels
  • teaching staff
  • teacher experience
  • curriculum and class times
  • revenue
  • charitable giving.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to your practice and your valued presence in our yoga family. Join us on Saturday Februrary 11th as we celebrate BYCF’s fifth birthday!

Festivities will start at noon. Details to follow!


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