No doubt!

Friend and teacher Katelyn Ingersoll, who owns Bikram Yoga Philly

If you truly want to discover the beauty, grace and strength of Bikram yoga–the beauty, grace and strength that live inside  YOU–there is no room for prevaricating, for negotiating, for hesitating, for doubting.

Make up your mind! Get to your mat.

Not just occasionally, as suits your fancy, your mood or your schedule. That’s wasted effort, and it causes unnecessary suffering.

Do not indulge in only the glamor postures that interest your ego–or an unqualified teacher. That is not where the therapy is!

Practice daily. In the morning. Dive into the 26 and 2, and make a thorough investigation!

Commit not only to the WHAT (Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Series). Commit also to the HOW (the exacting conditions of each and every posture.)

You. Won’t. Be. Sorry. Ever.

Think he missed her?
Kat, who’s built her practice over 15 years

Following the prescription with devotion and consistency, over a long period (months, years, decades) will lead you to the WHY.

You’ll find a clear mind, a light heart and a strong, supple body.

You’ll find the highest, purest version of yourself.

Be practical and smart. If occasionally you need a day of rest–say once a week–take it. If you need variety once in a while, to build enthusiasm, go ahead! Take a barre class. Or pilates.

But don’t let your gaze, your focus, wander far.

Come back. Over and over again. Practice. Well. Often. With great energy, commitment and dedication.

You will find exactly what you need.

Bow Pose
Lindsey Nass, 5:30am teacher extraordinaire.

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