Clinics with Kyle on 9/11. Perfect for YOU!

Alignment Clinic at 9:15am

10606307_10100826835432037_8284140044581533970_nAre you looking to take the next step forward in your practice? Want to improve all of your postures in a single day? How about your everyday standing and sitting posture, would you like to refine the way you hold and move your body?

The Alignment Clinic with Kyle Ferguson is for you. This is a fantastic way to improve your Yoga practice and your general well being. In this clinic you will be trained in simple techniques that bring the body back into healthy, natural alignment. Kyle’s approach focuses on the human body and the way it moves. It is not specific to any particular Yoga method, though it was developed with Bikram students specifically in mind. Bikram practitioners will find that it breaks old habits and pushes them beyond plateaus in their development. all students will be empwered to engage their bodies with clarity and confidence, no matter what the pursuit.

“Got to experience Kyle Ferguson’s Alignment clinic today–absolutely fabulous! Kids, if you get the chance, please take one of his clinics. His “Jeet Kune Do’ is strong and you will learn much about daily posture, and how to use Yoga poses to reinforce GOOD alignment rather than bad. Great stuff and incredibly relevant to our modern lives!’ -Master teacher Chris Fluck

Enroll HERE

Youth Clinic at 1pm

11754569_10155845389385594_909154593635873177_oWant to get your kids into Yoga? Not sure where to start? Bring them to the Youth Yoga Clinic with Kyle Ferguson, where they will be introduced to this beautiful practice in the spirit of fun and creativity. This clinic will introduce kids to the basic principles of Yoga, like breath awareness and feeling the body, as well as simple postures and relaxation techniques. It will focus on sun salutations as the foundation of practice, and will introduce a diverse but understandable set of poses to the group. The aim of the clinic is to make Yoga enjoyable and engaging for kids of all ages, while introducing them to transformative practices like meditative breathing and body awareness.

Enroll HERE

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