Kyle Ferguson comes to BYCF

We’re lucky to be blessed with a vibrant community of experienced and certified teachers. Come meet Kyle this Sunday, April 24th (7:30am and 9:30am) and Sunday, May 1st (7:30am and 9:30am).

Hollow back handstand today, held still here for about six or seven seconds. First time that's ever happened. 
In yoga, Kula means community or family, those who surround you, teach you, and inspire you. What I realized in this pose today is my abundance of teachers; the strength of my Kula. In this pose is @justicia_declue, who taught me energetic spirals; Zhenja La Rosa, who showed me how to align my shoulders and hands upside down; Richard Freeman, who taught me to balance Prana and Apana; my brother Schuyler, @tapasya_yoga_manayunk, who showed me that yoga is not just an activity, but dharma; my sister Ammie, who repeatedly reminds me that anything is possible with practice; @darrenrhodesyoga who drilled "tighten flutes, tuck your tailbone, tone your abdomen" into the very bottom of my unconscious brain; and countless others, all the way to Staphani Soychak who taught an inspiring class @radiancepy today. 
We are not closed, isolated things. We are part of a system that flows together. We do nothing by ourselves. 
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Kyle Ferguson is a student and teacher of Asana Yoga. He is a certified to teach Bikram Yoga and Alignment Based Hatha Yoga (RYT 200, Maha Yoga, Philadelphia). He has studied Yoga Essentials with Richard Freeman, Yoga Hour Teaching Technique with Darren Rhodes, and Advanced Asana with Zhenja La Rosa. He has also studied Mindfulness Based Stress Relief at the University of Pennsylvania and meditation at the Shambala Center in Boulder, Colorado. He is a graduate of The College of William and Mary in Virginia (2005), pit bull enthusiast, burrito aficionado, and avid movie fan. From 2011 to 2015 he served as owner and director of Bikram Yoga University City/Karma Studios in Philadelphia. One time, he accidentally blocked Posh Spice from entering an elevator, to both of their confusion. He currently teaches Bikram, Hatha, Baptiste, Restorative, and Yoga Hour classes.

Yoga found Kyle when he was adrift in the world. In Autumn, 2010 he was depressed, overweight, and directionless when his brother, Schuyler, introduced him to Bikram Yoga. Kyle was immediately hooked, and in a matter of months he had changed his diet, quit smoking, lost 35 pounds, and rediscovered a sense of purpose in life. Less than a year after his first Bikram class, he was a certified Bikram teacher. In the following years, he remained passionate to learn and continued exploring the broad world of Yoga in whatever capacity he could.

Come to class. Great people teach–and practice–here.

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