New classes for the new year! Plus extended hours….

The three C’s

We’re proud to have built and protected a vibrant and diverse community of students. We’re looking for creative ways to  help each of you stay committed to your health.

Extended hours

To support your busy schedules,

  • All early-morning Bikram classes will move to 5:30am
  • We’ll introduce 60-minute classes in three new time slots:
    • 7:15am
    • noon
    • 8:15pm

Extended curriculum

Staying enthusiastic and committed to your health and development is tricky! So we’re adding three new classes:


Burn. Balance. Boost

A fun, flowing 60-minute class built on classical ballet, pilates and yoga.

  • Lean out, lengthen and lift.
  • Build a balanced figure.
  • Develop the athleticism and grace of a dancer.

Each class systematically targets specific zones:

  • the upper body,
  • the legs,
  • the feet and ankles,
  • the seat and hips,
  • the core.

Students use their own body weight to become both supple and strong. Results are fast and notable:

  • Sculpted arms and shoulders
  • Lifted bottom and thighs
  • Strong core & better posture
  • Greater bone density
  • Improved endurance/energy
  • Greater body awareness 

Nothing this fun works this fast. Start your year at the Barre!


Sweat. Slim. Sculpt

A full-body, high-intensity class based on the principles of pilates.

  • Tone muscle, melt fat, and resolve pain.
  • Safe, low-impact, mat-based.
  • Master your body, instead of living at its mercy.

Students will learn to apply the classic components:

  • concentration
  • control
  • centering
  • flow
  • precision
  • breathing

Hotpilates delivers good stuff:

  • optimal weight
  • a strong core
  • a stable hip girdle
  • healthy shoulders
  • a fully functioning spine
  • a balanced, healthy body
  • a calm and receptive mind

This year, get serious. Get to HotPilates.

photo 1Bikram60

26 and 2. 60 mins.

  • The traditional Bikram series.
  • Served streamlined in 60 minutes.
  • Perfect for those busy days when you really need your mat.
  • The next best thing to 90 minutes.

Yoga: it’s for lunch!

Class cards for the Extended Curriculum will go on sale on Black Friday. They make great gifts! Stay tuned for more info!

‘Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.’ -Margaret Mead


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