This is your mantra!

“Lock the knee, lock the knee, lock the knee!”

What does THAT mean?

Push the knee back through its full range of motion, entire knee cap lifts up. Maximum contraction of the quadriceps muscles.

If you practice regularly, you “cannot help but strengthen the muscles that insert around the knee and place a healthy stress on the capsule of the knee joint, as well as on its associated tendons and ligaments. And this works wonders. After a few months of regular practice the connective tissues of the joint will have gained  strength and integrity.” -Anatomy of Hatha Yoga

Says senior teacher Chris Fluck, “I always imagine a gymnast holding the iron cross position. It takes monumental recruitment of as many muscles (and their fibers of course) to hold that position without the arms ripping out of their sockets. I’ve always admired how Bikram put these concepts into our practice without us even having to think too hard about it.”

You might need to dig deep and find some patience, says Fluck, “It takes time and practice to truly engage the full capacity of a muscle’s recruitment ability. It takes time and practice to realize the full potential.”

Try the right way, and you will get 100% benefit, physiologically, biochemically, psychologically. That is the ultimate destination.

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