It works!

Charlotte says her first class was an “out-of-body experience.” She has been practicing regularly at BYCF since we opened in February.

Recently, Charlotte went to her doctor for her annual physical. Her results were astounding.

“I have always been 5’4″. This time, the doctor measured me, and I am 5’5″. I grew an inch!”

Charlotte’s resting heart rate dropped from 80 to 68. Her cholesterol fell dramatically, too.

What’s more, Charlotte has lost 16 pounds since she started practicing.

Charlotte’s husband Dennis isn’t completely convinced that the yoga is creating these amazing changes for his wife.

But he’s hedging his bets. Dennis regularly practices with Charlotte (front row, left side of the room) at BYCF.

So does their daughter Lindsey.

So happy to have the Gallagher family as part of our yoga family!

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