Complete relax.


Savasana. It’s what you need. Right now. Don’t worry. Your studio is coming along very nicely.

I’ve been so busy making it happen that I’ve been MIA here for a few days…Demolition started last week. Since then, there has much thinking/meeting/talking about (and paying for) furnaces, carpet, insulation, timelines, etc, etc, etc.

We made some final decisions about the floor plan this weekend. (Thanks very much to Kim and David Cermak.) Flooring has been selected. High-end, water-resistant antimicrobial carpet for the hot room. Ceramic tile for the bath (and shower!) rooms. The builders will frame the walls and start the rough plumbing this week. So far, so good!

Our logo and typeface designs are underway.

We’re in discussions with several massage therapists and bodyworkers; the studio has space for treatment rooms.

The Mind Body Online account is all set up.

We’re ready to accept credit-card payments.

I’m saving the best news, though, until it’s absolutely 100% certain.

Stay tuned! I can hardly wait to see you in the hot room.

Complete relax. Heels together, feet fall open. Arms on the towel, palms facing up. Head straight. Breathing always normal. You can close your eyes now. Sweet dreams.

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