Nothing loose and nothing hanging

Now in his mid 60s, Bikram looks much the same as he did 40 years ago...

How did you find Bikram yoga? What made you decide to give it a try?

No matter why you came to your first class, you probably come back (at least in part) because Bikram yoga helps you to achieve–and maintain–a healthy weight.

A regular Bikram practice melts away excess weight–and helps put on a few pounds if you are underweight. A variety of factors contribute to Bikram’s seemingly magical ability to manage your weight.

First–and most important–is self awareness.

“Meditation is a state of awareness, watchfulness, witnessing.” -Osho 

Every time you enter the hot room, you are required to spend 90 minutes looking at yourself in the mirror. Under fluorescent lights. While you are wearing very little clothing.

And your body doesn’t lie.

Eventually, in the future, if you practice enough, you come to see your self and your body as they truly are. First, you may notice small superficial things, “I really need a haircut/a pedicure/to shave my legs…”  Soon, you will begin to see structural issues in your body. That one foot turns out slightly, that one hip is higher than the other, that the shoulders are tight.

As you look in the mirror, you will also see–and feel–the effects of your habits outside of the hot room. Habitual over- and under-eating will manifest themselves in the appearance of your body.  Whether you are too heavy or too thin.

If you have overeaten, you may feel nauseous. Forward bends, which compress the abdomen, may be uncomfortable because your digestive tract is too full. The spine-strengthening series may be particularly challenging for the same reason; you are laying on a belly full of partially digested food. If your body is undernourished, you might experience low blood sugar and feel dizzy or lightheaded.

The mirror reflects the truths apparent in your body. It can also teach you about your mind.

“And this mind goes on continuing. This mind will go on continuing, unless you become aware. And this is a miracle: that the moment you become aware the continuity is broken. Now you will be, but not of the past. Now you will be of the moment — fresh, young, new.” -Osho

“The mirror is a tool. Your body is a tool. Your mind is a tool”, says senior teacher Leo Eisenstein. Use these tools–they will show you who you are. And they will help you to become the very best version of you. Looking exactly the way you want to look, weighing the best weight for you, with total freedom of movement, and total freedom from pain. It’s a great deal.

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