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Last chance, lock your knees!

Next is Padahastasana, Hands-to-Feet pose Strengthens: Biceps, 
Deltoids, Trapezius
, Quadriceps
, Calf muscles, 
Rectus abdominis. Stretches: 
Sciatic nerve, 
Tendons and ligaments of the legs, 
Shoulders. Stimulates: 
Pineal and pituitary glands, 
Kidneys, Pancreas. Padahastasana is the first forward bend in the Bikram series….

Bikram Superpowers, Activate!

Concentration, Patience, Self-Control, Faith, Determination… These are Bikram Choudhury’s five qualities of the mind. This week, I need them all. We’re in final negotiations for studio lease. Concentration: 18 pages of legal language. It’s all important. It’s for you! It’s just a little dry……