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Raising the bar with Esak Garcia

From the outside, a lot of people think we Bikram Yogis are a little bit crazy: 105 degrees, 40% humidity for an hour and a half four to seven times per week? I guess I can see how this might need a little explaining…… Continue Reading “Raising the bar with Esak Garcia”

Move your body. Change your life.

Ann Cuddy explains why it’s important to ‘break out of the box’, lift your arms over your head, and open up the front side of your body. So stop texting and start stretching.

Wanna race?

BYCF’s first annual Yoga Turkey Trot starts Thanksgiving Day. Practice a little, practice a lot. Win a prize. Hang with your yoga friends, and stay healthy, happy and grounded this holiday season. There are forty days between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Eve…And lots… Continue Reading “Wanna race?”

Love Letter

Bikram yoga came into my life–and town–about six or seven years ago. I was in my early twienties-ish and something about that hot room and those 26 postures caught my attention. I practiced sporadically, sometimes twice a week and sometimes once a month. The… Continue Reading “Love Letter”

Slowly, gently…

Next is Tree Pose, Tadasana Please be careful with your knees! Strengthens: Abdomen Gluteal muscles Stretches: Knee and hip joints Lower back and spine Groin and inner thighs Benefits: Builds balance. Corrects bad posture. Relieves lower back pain. Good for circulatory problems, arthritis and… Continue Reading “Slowly, gently…”