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Start, please…

pic by Bennie Shapiro

Pranayama Breathing, deep breathing, Good for the lungs and respiratory system… Sound familiar? I hope so! Strengthens: shoulders and deltoids Stretches: Intercostal muscles, Ribcage, 
Shoulder joints, 
Ocular nerves. Stimulates: Lungs, 
Nervous system, 
Circulatory system. Benefits: 
Increases lung capacity. 
Increases lung efficiency. 
Opens the… Continue Reading “Start, please…”

Miracles Happen Here Daily

Try it. You’ll like it. We promise

Construction to begin!

The revised architectural drawings are here! Effective heat? Check! Showers? Check! Construction starts in two weeks…

Welcome home…

Your home studio is not just where you practice. It truly becomes your home. The place you come on good days, bad days and all the in-between days. It’s where everybody knows your name. Where you can let it (almost) all hang out. You, being… Continue Reading “Welcome home…”