Memorial Day sale!

Did you overdo it at the family barbecue? Looking for a new way to learn and grow? Yoga works. Join us. Today only, 5 class for $50. No expiration date. Summer is coming! Celebrate with us. Buy here.

Summer challenges start Friday 6/1. Will you choose 30, 60 or 90 days?

Why consecutive days? There are different “challenge lengths” in Bikram yoga. Here is a break out of how each one helps and heals your body… 30-Days: A readjustment period… You’re getting your body primed for an on-going practice. Just getting through a 30 consecutive day challenge is a difficult for most people. It can be difficult … Continue reading

Hot Hiit comes to Wednesdays!

You asked, we listened! Hot Hiit is now available Mon/WEDS/Fri at 5:15am. Supple strength. Explosive power. Healthy mobility. Get them here, early mornings w/ Megan.