Month: May 2017

Who’s YOUR hero?

This morning we talked about some of the heroes of Physical Culture…the folks who inspire us to push pastĀ our perceived limits andĀ KEEP GOING. Here are a few of the names that were mentioned. We would love to hear about your heroes! From the yoga… Continue Reading “Who’s YOUR hero?”

Spring Clean Feast starts May 15th. Enroll now!

This is an opportunity: to acknowledge the change of season in body, mind and spirit to engage in mindfulness practices to eat clean, healthy and simple meals to learn daily self-care to meditate each evening with a skilled facilitator This is not: dieting taking… Continue Reading “Spring Clean Feast starts May 15th. Enroll now!”

Endocrine glands & chakras

The body has seven energy centers, which in English could be called vortexes (chakras). These seven vortexes govern the seven ductless glands in the body’s endocrine system, and the endocrine glands, in turn, regulate all of the body’s functions, including the process of aging.… Continue Reading “Endocrine glands & chakras”

About the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (the Tibetan Rites)

‘All wisdom is ancient, and in reality is not a secret. When you think you have discovered something new and previously unknown, it has probably existed for centuries. You didn’t know about it, simply because you didn’t make the effort to seek it out.… Continue Reading “About the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (the Tibetan Rites)”