Ashtanga program to expand in June! Register now

Starting June 12th, we’ll be adding morning Mysore hours, giving you more chances to practice. This course introduces you to mysore-style class, the traditional, individualized method that characterizes Ashtanga yoga. This is a month-long, 4-days-a-week intro to Ashtanga that gives you a serious, fun and safe environment to make a significant start in Ashtanga yoga. … Continue reading

Yoga = Safety

Yoga is such a tremendous learning system. It provides an exceedingly thorough–yet surgically focused–set of tools through which to understand and explore the world. So that we are able to navigate with skill (physically, intellectually, emotionally)–and choose the path that is meant for each of us individually. Often, yoga teaching mimics nature. The practice asks … Continue reading

Full Schedule on Sunday! Yoga IS your holiday!

Yoga IS your holiday. It’s a sealed off, sacred, heightened time that you create and devote to your innermost life. Join us this Sunday. PRACTICE, today and every day. 7:30am Bikram w Leo 9:30am Bikram w Leo 11:30am Strength/Flow w Leo 3:30pm Ashtanga w Elizabeth 3:30pm Bikram w Jessica Want us to save you a … Continue reading

More Hot Hiit!

Ask and you shall receive! More class times! Hot Hiit is now offered three times a week. Mondays at 5:30am Fridays at 5:30am (Every other) Saturday at 11:30am It takes a lot to get up and get out at O’Dark Thirty! Sheridan’s worth it. Sheridan McHenry: boxer, dancer,  experienced teacher and dedicated yogi. She’s a … Continue reading