Month: January 2017

Yoga: creating clarity, relieving suffering

It’s an important day, here in the United States. A new and controversial president is being inaugurated and emotions are running high. For many, this is a time of great concern, fear and worry. As BYCF teacher Justin Riley says, ‘Times of transition threaten… Continue Reading “Yoga: creating clarity, relieving suffering”

Save the date! Feb 11th is our birthday!

Five years ago, none of this was here. There were no walls. No bathrooms. No heat. No sign. No classes. No teachers. No students. No community. What we DID have was a spark, an idea, a vision, a seed to plant and care for.… Continue Reading “Save the date! Feb 11th is our birthday!”

Justin Riley comes to BYCF

Join us in welcoming Justin Riley to Bikram Yoga Chadds Ford. A certified Bikram yoga teacher since 2013, Justin focuses on the fundamentals that underpin a powerful Bikram practice. A bass player for nearly 30 years, Riley understands the delicate balance between personal expression… Continue Reading “Justin Riley comes to BYCF”