Month: October 2016

Fix your eyes

In many ways Bikram (the man) is deeply flawed. (That, by the way, makes him human, just like the rest of us.) Like the rest of us, he also has moments of clarity, genius, maybe even divine inspiration. One thing he did VERY well:… Continue Reading “Fix your eyes”

Autumnal practice

I, like you, love this time of year. It delights my senses. I make the dog wait while I collect jewel-toned leaves. I pause to listen to the gusting wind and honking geese. I bake a LOT: sweet, warm apple and berry-filled desserts. I may occasionally… Continue Reading “Autumnal practice”

Eat your vegetables first.

In other words, complete your most challenging–and most wholesome, nourishing, vital task–first. Make it a rule. This is a mature and fool-proof approach, which senior teacher Chris Fluck follows and advocates. I used it daily in the corporate world, too, even though it was… Continue Reading “Eat your vegetables first.”