No doubt!

If you truly want to discover the beauty, grace and strength of Bikram yoga–the beauty, grace and strength that live inside  YOU–there is no room for prevaricating, for negotiating, for hesitating, for doubting. Make up your mind! Get to your mat. Not just occasionally, as suits your fancy, your mood or your schedule. That’s wasted … Continue reading

Why YOU need yoga NOW

The autumn rush is upon us. Meetings to attend. Deals to complete. Homework to do. Tests to take. Games to attend. Errands to run. Not to mention holidays looming. There’s a tremendous mass shift towards achievement and activity. The days shorten, and our collective ambition soars. Where is the space for YOU? For your inner … Continue reading

Celebrate autumn, start something new!

Fall starts today, September 22nd. It’s the Autumnal Equinox, the 24-hour cycle in which day and night are of equal duration. Starting tomorrow, the days will get shorter. Make time for yourself! BYCF invites to you to join our fall 30-day challenge. New students pay only $75 for 30 consecutive days of unlimited Bikram yoga, … Continue reading

Advanced class w Adam this Sunday

Join Adam Keilbaugh for Bikram’s Beginning Yoga class this Sunday at 9:30am… Or take a deeper dive into the 90 postures of the Bikram Advanced Series at 11:30am. Regular students are welcome. A playful, positive attitude is the most important prerequisite! Credentials: Bikram’s Yoga College of India Teacher Training; Regional and National Asana Competitor. Adam has … Continue reading

Clinics with Kyle on 9/11. Perfect for YOU!

Alignment Clinic at 9:15am Are you looking to take the next step forward in your practice? Want to improve all of your postures in a single day? How about your everyday standing and sitting posture, would you like to refine the way you hold and move your body? The Alignment Clinic with Kyle Ferguson is … Continue reading