Robyn King comes to Chadds Ford

This Saturday, February 27th, take some time to get to know Robyn King. She’s teaching the 3:30 class. Robyn King is an artist and avid cyclist. Bikram yoga helped her heal physically and mentally from a serious bicycle accident in 2011 and alleviated the arthritis that hampered her daily life as an artist. Inspired by … Continue reading

On a journey with a purpose

You’ll often hear us say, ‘it’s a practice not a workout.’ Bikram yoga is a physical practice with a larger purpose. It’s a chance to continue growing up. Beyond the physical, mental and emotional processes of growing up, there is another psychological or spiritual growing up that waits. This journey reveals what Gregory Bateson calls … Continue reading

Walk the path

‘Saying it and doing it is just a different thing. There’s just as much difference in it as night and day.’ -James Brown   Yoga is: ACTION: fire and intensity in daily asana practice (physical dimension) STUDY: thorough and unflinching investigation of oneself, one’s relationships, one’s practice and yoga texts/history/theory (intellectual dimension) REVERENCE and SURRENDER: … Continue reading